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Buying or selling a house, considering a business property acquisition, involved in a landlord-tenant dispute, refinancing concerns, mortgage or foreclosure problems, real estate assessment or tax appeal, government taking through eminent domain, let our experience help. At Lebovitz & Lebovitz, P.A., our real estate practice can help identify problems in advance with thorough document review of agreements, contracts, leases and other matters. We can explain and advise as to pay off figures, due on sale clauses and construction documents and disputes as well as 1031 exchanges. We will discuss with you installment sales and the significance of due on a due on sale clause in a mortgage. Together, lets solve problems in advance. We can address title issues, insurance issues and construction issues. If things do not go as planned or problems occur, we can help then too. We can analyze, identify and propose solutions to various real estate related issues whether, residential or commercial, construction or financial. As litigation attorneys we are prepared for you. As planning attorneys we can help you see a bigger picture, integrating your personal or business investments into life-long estate and asset goals. Many real estate issue also contain tax, estate planning, business planning, commercial law or even bankruptcy components.

When you are seeking real estate related advise or planing, Lebovitz & Lebovitz, P.A. will skillfully counsel you as necessary.

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Mr Lebovitz is the best lawyer in the City of Pittsburgh. My family has been using Lebovitz & Lebovitz for years from rental property issues, buying houses and from civil cases to court cases. I highly recommend them as attorneys.

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